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TV or digital: What’s scoring the most when it comes to FIFA World Cup 2018?

As the FIFA World Cup begins, marketers will be searching for the best opportunities to reach the tournament’s most engaged viewers, and where they’ll be watching is the most key factor.

Linear TV may still be king of the media landscape, but online TV’s daily presence is growing – now accounting for 38% of global World Cup Fans total daily TV viewing time.


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A study on the daily TV consumption trends of World Cup Fans across the world by Global Web Index, finds that a third of World Cup fans’ TV time is online.

“Online TV’s presence in daily entertainment portfolios continues to increase steadily – now accounting for 38% of global World Cup Fans’ total daily TV viewing time,” the report by Global Web Index says.


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The regional perspective falls inline with wider global trends. (see chart)

North American World Cup Fans are watching the most online TV each day (1.39 hours average per day) – pushed by the success of Netflix in the region – but importantly, as a percentage of the total TV they watch, online forms account for around 36% daily.


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In the Middle East and Africa region, World Cup Fans are spending an average of 1.07 hours per day watching the online TV, compared with 2.03 hours on linear TV.