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First Qatar Wireless Security Seminar will revolutionize ICT infrastructure

Safe1, a leading supplier of safety and security equipment in Qatar, hosted the country’s first Wireless Security Seminar at The Pearl-Qatar yesterday, in conjunction with the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA, formerly know as ICT Qatar), to introduce new Wireless Security regulations that will drastically change the face of current ICT infrastructure.

The new regulation will come into effect on the 1st of July 2014 and aims to bring Qatar up to speed with global standards, replacing current fiber-optic cable networks with highly secure wireless systems.

CCTV and Ethernet Bridging has been based on cable networks in Qatar, the installation of which has led to mass disruption by way of street digging and the cost of which has been steep due to manual labor costs and cable laying fees. The new regulation will prioritise new wireless technology and thus align Qatar with current global standards, providing slicker information transfer up to 60km wirelessly using state of the art equipment, leading to fewer public service disturbances and much lower nominal fees.

The seminar was opened by Chris Ford, Security and Police Advisor, UKTI and brought leading Qatari figures in the field, Mudassir Rashid, Head of Spectrum Management, CRA and Yousef Al Sulaiti, Deputy Managing Director, Safe1, together with top British security technology experts and the British Embassy.

Speaking on the impact of the new regulation, Chris Ford said: “The changes to wireless internet regulation means wireless security solutions are now more practical and will greatly assist with the effective implementation of Qatari projects.”

To show the applicability of wireless technology to projects under the new regulation, a secure mini-wireless network was set up on The Pearl-Qatar, which proudly sponsored the seminar.

The Pearl-Qatar is an island that has redefined the nation of Qatar with its take on high-end luxury development. It has always placed an emphasis on state of the art security solutions, a facet that will be enhanced through the introduction of this innovative wireless technology to the marketplace.

Chris Ford added, “The British security industry is a world leader in innovation, quality and service. The companies we have introduced today, Wavesight, Wavestore and Westminster Group will lead the way in Qatar with wireless security solutions. They are companies with a proven track record both in the UK and globally. I believe that the innovative products and solutions these three companies provide will be of great benefit in shaping Qatar’s wireless security needs for the future.”

The event marked the signing of key partnerships between Safe1 and the three British market leaders in security, represented by David Saldanha, Managing Director, Wavesight, Laurence Summers, Sales Director, Westminster International Ltd and Chris Williams, Director, Wavestore, all of whom participated in the interactive seminar, which culminated in a signing ceremony, ratified by the CRA.

Speaking on behalf of the CRA, Mudassir Rashid expressed his thanks to Safe1 for presenting officials with an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders. He expanded on the relevance of the new wireless regulation to service providers, saying that a new wireless ecosystem presents exciting opportunities for faster, cheaper and more efficient networking in Qatar.

Following the seminar, which featured a number of interactive breakout sessions, a panel discussion in addition to a number of keynote speeches, Yousef Al Sulaiti, the nineteen year-old, Qatari Deputy Managing Director of Safe1 brought the day to an end with a his closing remarks.

Yousef Saeed Al-Sulaiti said, “The announcement of the new Wireless Security Regulation, marks an exciting new era for our nation, bringing Qatar to the forefront of technological innovation on the world stage. The signing of this strategic partnership between Safe1, the only wireless security integrators in the marketplace, and these three prominent British companies, demonstrates our commitment to advancement of wireless technology. I believe that through the new regulation introduced today and the nationwide technological changes that will result, Safe1 is playing a significant role in maintaining the momentum of the National Vision in its push for diversification and socio-economic development.”