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Forget Apple, YouTube; the top brand for KSA women is. . .

The 2018 Women’s Choice Brand Rankings were recently released by YouGov, and they make for interesting viewing.

The rankings were compiled using the Impression score from YouGov’s daily brand tracker, BrandIndex, by asking respondents, “Which of the following brands do you generally have a POSITIVE / NEGATIVE feeling about?”

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Data for the past 12 months reveal Almarai – the Middle East’s largest dairy producer – as the top brand among women in Saudi Arabia, receiving the highest positive Impression scores among women in the Kingdom.

In 2017, Almarai hosted a series of events and campaigns to engage consumers, including a ‘Moments Photo Competition’ in collaboration with the National Geographic TV channel, from which the winning photos were staged in several regions around the country.

The brand was also one of the first to release their Ramadan television commercial focusing on the emotion behind Ramadan, which received 1.5 million Facebook views within three hours.

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Though Almarai ranks the highest for Impression among women, on the whole, there are noteworthy differences when it comes to the Impression of the top 10 brands among different age groups.

Most notably, luxury electronics brand Apple, which sits in third place overall, actually takes the top spot for Impression among women aged 18-24.

Meanwhile, instant messaging giant WhatsApp, in second place in our top 10, proves most popular among women aged 25 – 34.

As expected, Almarai leads positive Impression among those aged 35-44 and 45+ – its target audience among women.

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YouGov’s rankings also reveal how a brands’ Impression score has changed over the past year. Western Union is the Kingdom’s highest improver where Saudi women are concerned with an uplift of 10.7 points.

The global money transfer company launched a global empowerment campaign in 2017 to raise awareness and money for female education around the world for International Women’s Day.

The top 10 brands ranked are:

1 – Almarai

2 – WhatsApp

3 – Apple

4 – iphone

5 – YouTube

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6 – Fairy

7 – Al Baik

8 – Dettol

9 – Google

10 – Instagram

This article first appeared in AMEinfo’s sister publication GMR.