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Gartner expects PC sales to rebound next year

Global market research firm, Gartner has said the worldwide PC market will continue to contract this year, and by next year, tablet shipments will outpace PCs, eWeek has reported. However, despite the falling number of shipments in 2014, the outlook for PCs in the near-term looks good, Gartner analysts said. “2014 will be marked by a relative revival of the global PC market,” said research director at Gartner, Ranjit Atwal. “Business upgrades from Windows XP and the general business replacement cycle will lessen the downward trend, especially in Western Europe. This year, we anticipate nearly 60 million professional PC replacements in mature markets.” In 2015, the number of PC shipments, which include traditional desktops and notebooks as well as premium ultramobile systems, will climb to almost 317 million units, up about 2.9% from this year and almost equalling the number of units shipped in 2013, he said.