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GCC Government and Private Sectors Knowledge Management Development Conference kicks off

Organized by Datamatix, the GCC Government and Private Sectors Knowledge Management Development Conference kicked off today and is being held at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Downtown Dubai. The 2-day conference sponsored by ‘Naseej’ would host thought provoking case studies and presentations from government and business organization leaders in the GCC on the latest KM strategies and competitive standardization of knowledge management in the modern day organizations.

Guest of honor H.E Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority presented the conference opening ceremony keynote. He enlightened on the significance of knowledge management in the development of a knowledge-economy and stressed on the region’s stand in the map of KM global competitiveness. H.E also addressed the critical needs and drives of the region in implementing competitive KM strategies in its organizations and leveraging its standards to meet the global benchmarks.

It was followed by a group presentation by the Emirates Identity Authority Officials on “Emirates Identity Authority’s Experiences in Knowledge Management” headed by Mr. Nasser Al Abdouli, Director of Service Centre Support; Ms. Hanan Al Ali, Service Center Supervisor – Umm al-Quwain Organizational Knowledge Team Member; Ms. Khadeeja Al Taneeji, Service Center Supervisor – Rak; Ms. Fatima Al Baloshi, Service Center Manager – Rak.

They highlighted the technical operations and strategies of the Emirates Identity Authority in its knowledge management and the varying patterns in which it determines the positive influx and outflow of knowledge management and knowledge dissemination in the organization. They stressed on the important role that the Emirates ID plays in upholding the benchmark of government organizations in the UAE and elaborated in detail the various initiatives, plans, roadmap and blueprints for KM development in the organization and employees.

Mr. Azzan Lootah, CEO of Authenticity Coaching and Consultancy presented a session on “How We Can Influence the Knowledge Sharing Culture of a Country and its Organizations”. Based upon his vast experience and expertise in public and private sector knowledge management, his presentation focused on the significance of knowledge management at country level and its stages and benefits and discussed in detail the various elements and components of society that directly and indirectly affects and influences the knowledge management of an organization as well as a country. He also elaborated the challenges faced by organizations in KM and presented long term objectives and aspirations that the public and private sectors should adopt in order to establish and maintain a competitive KM infrastructure in the country and the region.

The coffee break and networking session was followed by a presentation on “Knowledge Transfers within the Organizations” by Mr. Dieter Hovorka, Chief Technology Officer / Strategic Alliances from SKILLZ Middle East FZ LLC.

He elaborated on the readiness of the market available tools which help the culture and processes in organizations to successful make knowledge management happening in organizations. He also discussed the various modern strategies and trends that drives technology and successful implementations of KM. He also stressed on the difference between Governments and Private sector and how the knowledge management fits into organizations enterprise infrastructure like CRM or BI or Unified Messaging.

Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director of Datamatix concluded the day with his views on “The 2020 Private Sectors Knowledge Management Development Strategies and Competitive Standardization”. He discussed the various trends and tactics that are redefining the KM models in the Middle East and explained how a region treads on the path of global competitiveness with an effective and sustainable KM infrastructure.

The conference propagates the significance of knowledge management strategies in the government and business organizations and the drive to build a knowledge-based economy in the GCC. The conference in its 2 days will highlight the quantum leap in building sustainable KM models and provoking thought leadership in the government and business organizations.

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