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Golden Systems Electronics appoints new CAO as part of restructuring business

Golden Systems Electronics, the leading distributor of IT products in the Middle East, today announced that they have restructured their business to accelerate future growth.

The company also announced the appointment of Mr. Moazam Gazi as the company’s new Chief Administrative Officer. According to the company, the restructuring of the business units is a part of their new customer and partner-focused strategy. The company also said that they are moving their headquarters to Jebel Ali Free Zone, and the new office boasts of a service centre, logistics facility, production line and a warehouse.

“The regional market is growing at a rapid pace and to accelerate our growth potential, we felt the need revise our business model. Moazam Gazi, our new CAO, will be spearheading our restructuring plans. The fresh structural changes will help us concentrate on quality,” explains Ali Sharifi, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Systems Electronics.

Before joining Golden Systems Electronics, Gazi was an independent consultant for a number of major corporate clients in the United States. Prior to that, he was employed by a US Military Contractor to redesign and reorganize their healthcare programme. As the new Chief Administrative Officer of the company, Gazi’s goal is to strengthen its corporate structure.

“We are changing the company’s infrastructure to accommodate future growth and are using organizational development principles to strengthen our team,” says Gazi. “Instead of using a reactive approach, we are using proactive methods to deal with potential hindrances that we may encounter in our business. We have also redefined and sharpened our reporting hierarchy where the reporting mechanisms will now ensure that we give our customers and partners the best support by placing special emphasis on quality assurance and quality improvement. With this restructuring, we plan to grow our business by tapping new market segments, expanding our sales channels and evolving the way the market operates by developing and pioneering new products and services.”

“In my position as the CAO of the company, I plan to assist the CEO with the corporate strategy and infrastructure development of Golden Systems Electronics, in order to help the company realize its full potential. We will bring a new focus and vision to the company and hone the function and overall workflow. We plan on reworking some of the processes and procedures, and developing quality assurance mechanisms to ensure we deliver the best product in the most efficient manner,” Gazi adds.

Golden Systems Electronics, which was established in 1996, has grown phenomenally and achieved many milestones over the years. The company has been committed to providing solid local support to its partners and only the best quality IT products to its customers. Golden Systems Electronics boasts of a strong portfolio of best-in-class products from leading global vendors such as Logitech, Leadtek, Avocent, Gigabyte Technology, Kingmax, Kaspersky, nVidia and AMD to name a few.

Following its restructuring, the company plans to streamline its administration, management and support facilities over the next few months. Golden Systems plans to increase its warehouse space by more than 500 percent in the coming months. The new office, located in a 6,000 sqm building in Jebel Ali Free Zone, houses its head office, service center, production line and warehouse, which will make logistics, sales, marketing, and RMA services even more efficient and faster.