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Hamdan bin Mohammed sets up ‘Supreme Legislation Committee’ chaired by Maktoum bin Mohammed

In his capacity as Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued Resolution No. (13) of 2014 setting up the ‘Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai’ under the chairmanship of Dubai Deputy Ruler Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The resolution also names Eisa Abdul-fattah Kazim as Deputy Chairman of the aforementioned committee while Resolution No. (14) of 2014 names seven professional members of the committee including its secretary general. Both resolutions are effective from their date of issuance and shall be published in the official gazette.

Sheikh Hamdan also issued Executive Council Resolution No. (12) of 2014 concerning the regulations governing the work of the ‘Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai.’ The resolution sets the work of the committee in line with the Government of Dubai Strategic Plan with aims to develop the legislative process.

As per the new resolutions, the ‘Supreme Legislation Committee in Dubai’ acts as the sole entity entrusted with all aspects of the legislation process in the emirate of Dubai. In addition, it will represent the local government and its entities in matters concerning federal legislation and international agreements. The committee may seek support from representatives of local government entities and professionals in order to fulfil its duties.

The committee is responsible for issuing explanatory memoranda and bylaws relating to legislation in force in the emirate of Dubai, and provide legal consultation for government entities on legislation. It is also tasked with forming technical committees to review any proposed amendments to legislations in force in the emirate of Dubai.

In addition, the committee will also put in place procedures for monitoring the implementation of legislations by local government entities. It will also represent the emirate of Dubai in committees formed to consider and negotiate any conventions, agreements or memoranda of understanding with external bodies and to give opinion on the same before joining, signing or ratification.

All government entities in the emirate of Dubai, including free zones authorities, are required to provide the new committee with all legislations currently in force within a maximum period of three months. In addition, new legislation should be passed to the committee within one month before their effectiveness.

As per Resolution No. (12) of 2014, which annuls provisions that contradict it in any resolution, the committee will file reports directly to the Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council.