Complex Made Simple

How you too can build a personal brand

(Words by Medy Navani, CEO & Founder, Design Haus Medy)

In today’s world, social media’s pervasive role in the life and impact of brands cannot be underestimated. Medy Navani, CEO and Founder of Design Haus Medy shares ten tips on creating your own powerful social media footprint and managing it successfully.

1. Think like your own brand manager

Decide what image you would like to convey and how best to reflect it in a professional way. Don’t be afraid to showcase interested outside of the workplace. Check with colleagues and partners to see if they think you are giving the right impression.

2. Be honest

Inauthenticity is all too easy to spot – your profile information is likely to be read by friends, family and colleagues. And be truthful. Embellishments to your biography will be found out. Recruiters, in particular, will spot inconsistencies in things such as dates and job titles when they are looking to filter out potential candidates.

3.  Don’t put your trust in disclaimers

Statements such as ‘These views are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer’ provide no legal protection in the event that you post or tweet something stupid, offensive or at odds with the official corporate line.

4. Value your privacy

The default settings on social networks are typically open, so work through the options to derive maximum value from your networking activity whilst only sharing what you want to share about your family life. And don’t assume that anything can stay completely private.

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5. Don’t be shy

Self-promotion benefits both you and your employer. The more you share, upload, publish, comment, tweet, and like, the more people will see your profile and the stronger and more valuable your network will become. Do it daily.

6. Embrace the spirit of reciprocity

This counterbalances the risk of excessive self-promotion. Contribute positively to debates, provide free advice, share other people’s material, offer praise, comments and likes and you will be rewarded in return.

7. Be your own critic

Spend time on self-appraisal analysing the effectiveness of your activities an continuously improving your performance. In simple terms, this means doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. If you are failing to generate many views, likes or comments maybe you should redirect your efforts.

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8. Stick by the rules

In highly regulated sectors such as healthcare and financial services, strict rules govern all forms of communication, including social media. Those working for publicly listed companies must be wary of disclosing information that may be deemed price sensitive or damaging to investors.

9. Be wary of fraudsters

Social media is a profitable hunting ground for identity thieves. Don’t disclose too much personal information, such a phone number, date of birth, address. Watch out for ‘phasing scams such as fake friend requests and use strong passwords.

10. Don’t be too adversarial

This is invariably counterproductive. Have fun, try not to get into extended arguments and don’t say anything that you would not want your mother to read. 

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