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i2 appoints new chief information officer and new senior vice president supply chain

i2 announced today the appointment of the new Chief Information Officer, Mr. Khosrow Afrasiabi and the new Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Mr. André Verdier.

Mr. Khosrow will be responsible for heading and developing the IT platform and strategy for i2 operations across all markets whereas Mr. André will be responsible for managing and developing supply chain strategies, operation and policies to ensure continuity of supply across i2 markets.

Abdul Hameed Al Sunaid, CEO, i2 commented:” Our success relies on our thorough selection of our team members and with Mr. Khosrow Afrasiabi’s’ and Mr. André Verdier’s’ diversified backgrounds and fine experiences, I’m positive that they will bring their expertise and value to the firm”.

Mr. Khosrow Afrasiabi has years of IT experience with global firms in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. He worked in senior positions in large organisations such as Canal Digital, Showtime, Orbit and most recently CIO of Arab Media Group.

Moreover, Mr. Khosrow’s’ extensive and solid technical and senior management expertise allowed him to excel in his field and obtain a diversified knowledge of IT elements. In his new role, Mr. Khosrow will ensure that all aspect of various components of IT infrastructure are met and day to day operations in all i2 markets are developed and upgraded to the required level.

The new Senior Vice President, Mr. André Verdier has a rich and diversified background in the supply chain field, his extensive years of experience in different multinational firms has earned him a fine senior position in i2 where his role will involve leading the supply chain and logistics services that include supplies planning, inventory control, order processing and shipment delivery for the purpose of delivering a smooth workflow and cost effectiveness to achieve i2’s’ objectives.

Prior to joining i2, Mr. André has worked in different successful multinational firms across the Middle East and Europe where he handled effectively senior management positions with companies such as HP, GE and most recently Director of Control Tower & Operations of DHL Exel Supply Chain in the Middle East.

“On the behalf of the i2 team, I welcome Mr. Khosrow and Mr. André to our family and we hope for a fruitful and healthy journey that will be emphasized by our mutual success” concluded Al Sunaid.