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ICT firms mulling quitting Jordan over ‘unfavourable environment’

Jordan Gaming Task Force has said a major international digital game firm is set to shut down its offices in Jordan to move to Turkey or Dubai, Jordan Times has reported. The decision was taken by the unnamed company due to the "unfavourable environment governing the ICT sector," Nour Khrais, chairman of the task force, told the daily. "The government is taking measures that are destroying the environment of the gaming and content development industry," Khrais said. Last year, around 30 ICT firms, including gaming and content development companies, closed their offices and left the kingdom, he said. The government's intention to increase IT companies' income tax from 14% to 25% is harming the digital gaming and content development industry, Khrais noted. "International companies used to view Jordan as an ICT hub, but nowadays, we are seeing companies leaving the Kingdom and others that have decided against opening offices here," he added.