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IDC report finds EMC backup and recovery customers achieved average annual savings of $3m

EMC released the findings of a study that quantifies the business value of investment in advanced backup and recovery, measuring the operational gains, ROI, and payback periods of these solutions. According to analysts, the customers interviewed experienced a total average annual savings of over $2.9 million from backup transformation, which includes a combination of hard and soft costs. Nearly 58% of this savings came from $1.7 million saved resulting from eliminating old tape libraries and improving storage efficiency through deduplication. EMC customers were able to see a 454% ROI and payback for the solutions in less than 5 months.

The report also shows a 75% reduction in time spent for IT to manage backup and recovery and a notable 88% reduction in restore times from nearly 9 hours before to one hour on average afterwards. Faster restore times coupled with a 100% success rate in operational recoveries, compared with a 40% success rate previously, resulted in a significant reduction in time end user spent waiting for application restores and file level recoveries.

The IDC study commissioned by EMC is aimed at providing IT decision makers with proven business value with EMC back up and recovery solutions to enable them better define the ROI and business value of advanced backup and recovery solutions.

The majority of the customers interviewed for the survey had multiple EMC backup products, proving the value of the company’s integrated portfolio. The results revealed that backup transformation with EMC solutions provides significant business benefits relating to cost and time savings, improved end user productivity and reduced management effort from IT around backup and recovery.

The whitepaper – “Generating Proven Business Value with EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions: An ROI Assessment for the Middle East and Turkey” is based on responses from nine companies across the Middle East and Turkey region that had deployed EMC backup and recovery solutions, including EMC Data Domain, Avamar and NetWorker. Interviewed by IDC researchers, respondents were asked to disclose internal IT process, infrastructure, and cost information covering the period before, during and after the deployment of EMC backup solutions. Researchers then calculated the payback period and ROI for the deployed products, taking into account cost of purchase, setup and integration as well as on-going software fees and IT maintenance time. Factors such as improved management of space, gains in productivity, availability and efficiency, in addition to cost reduction were all included in the final ROI analysis.

Fady Richmany, Senior Regional Director, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Middle East, “In a region where governance requirements and business continuity are prioritized by IT and business leaders we’re seeing a greater need for organizations to have an advanced backup and recovery strategy in place. While the natural reaction in a time of economic uncertainly is to cut spending, this study shows that next generation back recovery is a wise investment to ensure that organizations’ critical assets – data and applications – are protected and quickly recoverable. Responses from nine prominent enterprises representing key verticals like Telecom, Banking and Finance with combinations of EMC backup and recovery solutions helped IDC establish a clear business value behind backup and recovery deployments by highlighting a quick payback period and massive performance enhancements as well as a combined annual savings of approximately $3 million.”

Megha Kumar, Research Manager, Software, IDC Middle East, Africa and Turkey, “Customers across the Middle East and Turkey region are looking for way to better define the ROI associated with backup and recovery solutions to help stakeholders better understand the business value associated with these technologies. Following responses from nine heavy weight industry champions from across the Middle East and Africa, IDC analysts were able to clearly outline not just the operational gains, but were also able to highlight the return on investments and payback period for these solutions. What we found was that using the right backup and recovery solutions for their environment, these customers were able to achieve enhanced staff productivity and significant operational gains in addition to improved confidence in their ability to ensure all round availability, accessibility and protection of growing volumes of data.”

Hossam Elkobrosy, Head- IT Infrastructure, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, “Serving the needs of customers across 17 countries means that we need to ensure consistent availability of our systems and the ability of our storage environment to handle data growth of approximately 30 to 40 % every year. EMC has helped us drive down operational costs and hassle associated with managing traditional tape based back up infrastructure. Today, we at National Bank of Abu Dhabi can remain confident of our abilities to guarantee critical system availability on all occasions for all customers and users across the region thanks to an end to end backup solution with deduplication capabilities that has improved staff productivity, data protection, service reliability and scalability for the future.”

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