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ikoo and MediaScope launch Joint Venture to serve the Levant market

Ikoo, the integrated digital marketing solution provider serving the Middle East and North Africa through offices across the region, and MediaScope, a digital media sales representation pioneer, have announced the establishment of a joint venture company, ikoo Levant Network, to serve the markets of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Palestinian Territories.

The company is based in Amman, Jordan, and will be led by Zeid Nasser, CEO of MediaScope, and now also Managing Partner of ikoo Levant Network.

Isam Bayazidi, CEO of ikoo, said “We realize the potential of the Levant market, and this JV will ensure advertisers being served well, and bringing more sophisticated and industry leading services to the region. Video advertising, content integration, as well as more precise targeting is now being requested by clients. We are pleased to partner with MediaScope to launch our full-fledged sales operation in the Levant, and we believe in the digital media growth in this part of the region.”

Zeid Nasser also commented saying, “ikoo’s high service level, advanced digital advertising products and strong network of sites ensure effective reach to target audiences. In the past two years as an iKoo representative, MediaScope has been been able to serve major local and regional brands well. This encouraged us to move all our digital media sales activities into this new venture, building on the ikoo brand and integrating fully with the ikoo team. We look forward to the years ahead, as ikoo Levant Network plays its part in accelerating the evolution of the digital media market in the Levant.”

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