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Imdaad to deploy FleetMAN GPS tracking software in its fleet of vehicles

Imdaad, a provider of integrated facilities management solutions in the GCC, has announced that it will install FleetMAN, a GPS-based fleet/asset tracking and monitoring system, for the vehicle management cycle of its fleet of vehicles from initial acquisition until its final disposal. FleetMAN is developed by Dubai Technologies, a specialist in the field of supply and implementation of transport systems.

FleetMAN is a web-based system that will enable Imdaad to improve the efficiency of its fleet by putting control on unauthorized use of vehicle and unnecessary consumption of fuel, keeping a check on maintenance and repair, and curbing theft while lowering the risk of accidents and operating cost. It can be viewed and controlled from the computer and GPS tracking equipments fitted in the vehicles, facilitating them to monitor the whereabouts of their fleet in real-time.

Jamal Lootah, CEO, Imdaad, said: “Through the state-of-the-art vehicle tracking solution, it is now easy for to us follow the movement of all our vehicles. Aside from keeping a track on the maintenance and fuel of the fleet, FleetMAN also keeps a check on the reckless or wayward drivers. The software is synchronized with GPS tracking devices on fleets to produce analytical reports, which can be very useful during service reassessment.”

Through the FleetMAN solution, Imdaad can perform duties such as vehicle profiling, trip planning, maintenance, driver identification and dispatch efficiently. It will empower the FM company to handle all its vehicle related tasks such as financing, maintenance, telematics, driver management, fuel, safety and health management of its fleet.

Imdaad has gained a strong reputation in the region as an adopter and implementer of the latest FM technologies and practices. The company acquires eco-friendly equipment and prioritizes sustainability across all its operations. It also conducts recycling training for its clients, corporate partners and staff, in addition to providing free recycling bins in certain projects where it handles waste management and collection service.


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