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Impex Development, LLC, appoints Brian Annandale as Vice President of International Sales

Impex Development, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Annandale as Vice President of International Sales.

Brian brings with him more than 20 years experience developing business on a global basis. Over the years, he has held several sales and marketing managerial positions for a variety of companies in the wood trading and construction industries. He held these positions while living for many years in countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“Brian brings invaluable guidance and insight into the development of our company’s expansion in to the international arena,” said Impex Founder and Principal Terry Thompson.

As Vice President of International Sales, Brian is charged with overseeing international business development and sales strategies.

“Our initial push will be in the fast expanding markets of the Middle East,” said Brian “As our customer base grows, so will our physical presence. Our aim is to provide complete back-up and service to our clients on a local basis.”