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Izzat Marji Group invites top consultants and engineers to Belgium and France

As part of a series of annual visits to its major suppliers, Izzat Marji Group organized a trip to Belgium and France for 15 third-party consultants and engineers who collaborate with the Group.

The trip comprised visits to the De Dietrich factory in France and the Henco Factory in Belgium during which the invitees learned more about the latest products and technologies adopted at both sites. De Dietrich is a leading manufacturer of heating systems such as boilers, burners, cylinders and solar systems, in addition to advanced control systems; whereas Henco is a pioneering producer of multilayer pipes, as well as innovative brass press and compression fittings.

IzzatMarji Group’s Managing Director Eng. Basil Marji stressed the Group’s ongoing commitment towards educating top consultants and engineers from engineering offices across the Kingdom about the international brands the Group works with. He indicated that Izzat Marji Group’s efforts to organize such trips every year aims to ensure that invitees remain abreast of the continuous advancements within the fields of heating, cooling, sanitaryware, industrial equipment and construction materials.

“This step is closely aligned with our goal to enhance positive communication and engagement with our third-party teams beyond Izzat Marji Group, in addition to further cementing their trust in our operations.”

In turn, the participating consultants and engineers thanked IzzatMarji Group for arranging the trip, expressed their admiration with regards to both factories’ organizational and product quality standards, and reaffirmed the positive partnership they have established with the Group.