Complex Made Simple

Jordan Ahli Bank’s SME Academy Unit holds a series of free training programs

Jordan Ahli Bank’s SME Academy Unit continued its long-term training programs throughout the year, holding three consecutive workshops that tackled working with budgets, developing sales skills and market positioning.

The three programs were conceived to build the capacities of participants from various SMEs, thereby allowing them to boost productivity and achieve sustainable growth. The programs covered several key areas that spanned preparing and using budgets, the principles of budget implementation, the mechanisms for attracting clients, negotiations and conflict resolutions, closing deals, evaluating client satisfaction, identifying target markets, and others.

The programs targeted mid and senior level employees of SMEs that have been in the market for a minimum of three years, and which employ more than 5 employees. Participants spanned board members, department heads, senior accountants, financial managers, sales employees, client relationship managers, customer service representatives, marketing managers and employees, and others.