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Kendal and Co participates in Ramadan CSR Initiative

In the event of the holy month of Ramadan, Kendal & Co, in collaboration with Volunteer in UAE, participated in a Ramadan CSR initiative which involved preparing,transporting and distributing Iftar meals to over 750 labourers in Al Quoz.

Volunteer in UAE is a non-profit charity organisation, which was founded in 2008. The organisation was established with the main purpose of bringing together any charity, organisation or cause with residents that are eager to volunteer their time and give back to their community.

Aimed at providing Iftar meals to Dubai labourers, the ‘Karama Kanteen’ project, in partnership with City Chef, gives companies and their staff the opportunity to acquire some hands on experience in the catering kitchens and personally meet the men who they are feeding.

Oscar Cummins, Chairman of Kendal & Co commented on participating in the initiative, he said, “Giving back to our community is of upmost importance, people sometimes forget that it is these men who built our city. Their commitment and hard work must not go unappreciated and Ramadan is the perfect time to show these men our gratitude and we do so every year.”

Kendal & Co and its employees are keen in their support for community-building initiatives in addition to other charitable and social-improvement activities. A Kendal & Co employee said “The true enjoyment of participating in any charity activity is the hands on experience and actually meeting those who you are giving back to.”

Commenting on the importance of integrating CSR into a business, Oscar Cummins further added ” Whilst profit may be the end goal for any company, CSR plays an integral role in our business model. Kendal & Co keenly participates in charitable activities and we are devoted to our on going CSR efforts.”