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KFH – Turkey awarded Best Islamic Financial Institution in Turkey for the year 2013

Kuwait Finance House Turkey ‘KFH – Turkey’ has been awarded Best Islamic Financial Institution in Turkey for the year 2013 from Global Finance Magazine in recognition of its distinguished efforts and continuous success in the Turkish market and adjacent countries.

This award confirms that the bank follows the right path that allows it to top the Islamic financial institutions in Turkey, and achieve expansion in promising and important markets like Germany and the GCC.

KFH-Turkey CEO, Ufuk Uyan, stated, “During receiving the award in the meetings of International Monetary Fund IMF and World Bank, that this award confirms the bank’s successful strategy of achieving the best levels of performance in the Turkish market, in addition to the openness to the markets of adjacent countries to get shareholders and depositors the best financial returns. KFH-Turkey has succeeded in opening bank branches in Dubai and Bahrain, moreover, its working on launching a full-fledged Islamic bank in Germany to expand the role of its operating branch in Mannheim. The bank operates in accordance with transparent foundations and robust fundamentals to top Islamic banks in Turkey and become among the ten top banks there.”

Uyan added, “KFH-Turkey succeeded in increasing clients’ deposits with the expansion of wealth and assets management, in addition to increasing the returns. He went on to say that the bank seeks to reach the highest number of small and medium-sized companies aiming at expanding its market share in the field of retail through 265 branches operating all over Turkey.”

Uyan explained, “KFH-Turkey also works to serve Kuwaiti clients where it launched a website that provides information and advice on purchasing real estate in Turkey. It also offers the ability to finance these properties.”

Furthermore, Uyan said, “The bank’s strategy of cementing economic cooperation between Turkey and adjacent countries on the one hand, Kuwait and the GCC on the other prompts the bank to play a key role in various targeted markets in the Turkish neighboring countries, develop partnership and cooperation relations with many commercial and economic events in the Turkish market and deploying new distinguished services like Gold and Silver Accounts and sukuk.”