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LG’s next generation TVs sound as great as they look

With many of today’s flat panel TVs as thin as a pencil, the biggest loser has been the sound. As screen bezels and thicknesses get thinner, there is less and less space to fit speakers, which are still limited by the laws of physics. Inevitably, this has created a whole new industry called home theater systems where speakers are placed separately from the TV to create louder, more realistic sound.

However, not everyone needs or wants to spend more money just to get acceptable audio from their new TVs. LG Electronics'(LG) latest lineup of LED, OLED and Ultra HDTVs don’t just of-fer stunning picture quality, they also include the most technologically advanced audio systems currently available to give viewers the full entertainment experience.

“We’re now at a stage of the evolution of TVs where sound needs to catch up to the display technology,”said Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant Mr. Tae Hun Ryu.

“Rich, highly detailed audio helps to immerse the viewer in whatever they’re watching, transporting them beyond the confines of their living room and into the heart of the action.”

In addition, LG latest TVs employ a new feature called Sound Mode, which is under-pinned by the Automatic Scene Classification (ASC) sound-optimizing solution. ACS is an advanced piece of software that analyzes audio signals and automatically determines the best sound mode regardless of what the user is watching or listening to. It makes it easier to hear dialog in TV shows and movies and also draws out the subtle details that bring musical recordings to life.With LG’s intelligent feature, owners can simply sit back, relax and let the TV do the work.

With the latest in audio innovations, LG has struck the perfect balance between form and function as well as sound and picture quality.Thanks to industry leading display and audio technologies, LG’s next generation TVs sound as great as they look.