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Mercer appoints new Executive Remunerations Leader for ME

Global human resources consultancy, Mercer, has announced that it has appointed Chris Page as Executive Remuneration Leader for its Middle East operations. Effective immediately, Chris heads up Mercer’s practice responsible for developing executive and other key employee remuneration programs that are designed to give corporate organizations across the region the talent platform to drive sustainable growth and support the building out of distinct competitive advantage.

“With the growing complexity of the Middle East business environment complemented by the financial markets requirements for greater disclosure and transparency, many companies in the region are looking into the enhancement of their Executive Remuneration philosophy and practices. To this end, Chris will provide a great contribution to our Executive Rewards practice by bringing a fresh perspective and a depth of experience,” said Larisa Muravska, Partner and the Business Leader for Talent, Middle East at Mercer.

Chris has over 16 years of advisory experience in executive and wider employee remuneration, and his role typically sees him engaging at senior levels with key stakeholders. His previous appointments in the wider arena of employee benefits and rewards have involved him a wide array of businesses; listed, private and family owned, both local and international. Prior to joining Mercer in 2014, Chris was an Associate Partner leading the reward offering at KPMG UK.

“Virtually every industry sector across the GCC is experiencing growth, some sectors more than others, but all growth focused companies can benefit from ensuring they have the right caliber of employees within an effective remuneration environment, to continue fueling what is a significant level of activity,” said Chris. “This is a dynamic environment and it is a very exciting time for me to be taking on such an important role. Effective remuneration programs help businesses achieve their business plan objectives, by ensuring key talent can be recruited, incentivized and retained. Having the effective key talent and aligning them with shareholders, are key drivers for sustainable growth and increasing shareholder and investor values. – I am very much looking forward to helping play a small part in the region’s continued economic growth,” he added.

Mercer is a global consultancy leader whose expertise is sought in talent, health, retirement and investment issues. The organization has published numerous reports relevant to the employment landscape in the UAE, GCC and Middle East, focusing on incentives issues such as education packages for dependents, the cost of providing health benefits and the expected salary trends in the coming years. The organization’s most recent study for the region highlighted an anticipated future reliance on expatriate senior management from respondents who perceived a lack of sufficient training and development by organizations in this part of the world.

“Employers are increasingly becoming aware that their remuneration packages need to reflect a new market reality. If they want to attract new talent to take their businesses forward as well as retain their existing skilled workers, they need to be able to offer incentives and benefits that are flexible and tailor-made to the needs and objectives of their business,” added Chris. “I am looking forward to helping organizations, either develop or maintain their competitive edge in this dynamic market, as I begin my new role,” he continued.

Mercer works with its clients to solve their human capital issues by designing, implementing and administering health, retirement and other benefit programs. The company’s investment services include investment consulting, implemented consulting and multi-manager investment management. Mercer currently has 20,000 employees based in over 40 countries, with its Middle East operations being conducted through offices in Dubai and Riyadh.