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Ministry of Economy compiles supplementary booklet for UAE’s automotive consumers

The Ministry of Economy has compiled and published a ‘Supplementary Booklet for Automotive Consumers in the UAE’. The ministry has mandated all vehicle sellers to make available copies of the booklet in their showrooms for the benefit of clients and buyers. Moving forward, the dealers are required to print the booklet and stock it in easily visible and accessible spots in all their showrooms.

The announcement came during the 11th meeting of the Car Dealers’ Council, headed by Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection Department in the Ministry of Economy. The meeting was held at the Liberty Showroom in Sharjah.

Led by the Ministry of Economy, the initiative, which is a part of the consumer awareness campaign, is in line with the directives of the Higher Committee for Consumer Protection.

Consisting of 26 pages in Arabic and English, the booklet has all the necessary recommendations that protect the interests of consumers. The publication also contains information related to consumers’ rights in aspects such as insurance, exchange of cars and their components, grounds for claiming temporary substitute cars, mechanisms for reclaiming cars, and the unified contracts that have been approved by the Ministry of Economy and are required to be used by all car dealers in the UAE.

In the preliminary section of the booklet, the ministry has included recommendations for consumers planning to own and drive cars in the UAE, such as confirming they have received and understood the documentation requirements for the purchase of cars. Other information includes car insurance terms and conditions, its requirements, and expiry date.

The booklet also offers advice on car maintenance, terms of urgent and periodical maintenance, contacting the seller for repairing damage during the insurance period, and ensuring the car is well-maintained.

Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection Department, Ministry of Economy, said: “The supplementary booklet is yet another assurance of consumer protection offered by the ministry to car buyers in the UAE as per the Federal Law No. 24 of 2006. The booklet has all the necessary information that consumers need, in addition to directives, which ensure consumer rights and facilitate the ministry’s efforts in offering assistance in the eventuality of a conflict between the consumer and the car dealer, or a complaint related to damage before or after the purchase of a vehicle.

“The Ministry of Economy consistently makes sure that consumers come first, and is committed to working against fraudulent practices. The first step towards guaranteeing this is to raise consumers’ awareness about their rights that are specified by the law. The second step is represented in creating a safe economic environment nationwide across all economic sectors.”

Al Nuaimi pointed out that in 2013 the ministry had noticed the commitment of car dealers towards the reclaiming and exchange processes, which are mentioned in the consumer protection law, when manufacturing flaws are identified in the cars.

During the 11th meeting of the Car Dealers’ Council, the ministry, represented by the Consumer Protection Department, discussed common-interest issues such as cases of car theft and the precautions taken by car manufacturers to minimize them. The ministry asked all the dealers to prepare a report on the issue and send it within two months of the meeting.

The meeting also discussed the report of the Committee for auto spare parts during which Dr. Hashim urged all dealers to support the Committee in its awareness campaign ‘Jointly between the Ministry and Dealers’, which seeks to disseminate information about counterfeit spare parts and its harmful repercussions.

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