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MoW: ‘206 requests for speed humps in 6 months’

MoW’s Roads Assistant Undersecretary and Head of the Coordination & Follow-up Committee Eng. Huda Fakhro revealed that the Ministry of Works, in collaboration with the Traffic General Directorate, has studied over 250 requests for speed humps implementation on main and internal roads. The requests were received through the Municipal Councils at the Kingdom’s 5 Governorates.

According to Fakhro, the Speed Humps Committee comprises of a delegate from the Roads Planning & Design Directorate, a delegate from the Traffic General Directorate, a representative from the area’s Municipal Council and a representative from the Coordination & Follow-up Committee. The committee organized 36 field visits during the first half of 2014, each of which consists of about 8 locations or more. The field visits that were carried out during the first half of 214 approved 184 requests for speed humps, to be implemented at 91 locations.

‘The number of approved speed humps that were recommended for implementation during the first half of 2014 amounted to 137 requests for asphalt humps, 30 requests for flat humps along junctions, 11 flat humps on pedestrian crossings and 6 brick humps,’ said Fakhro.

As for the Municipal Councils statistics for speed humps during the first half of 2014, they amounted to 206 requests; 15 requests from the Southern Municipal Council, 85 requests from the Northern Municipal Council, 20 requests from the Capital Municipal Council, 21 requests from Muharraq Municipal Council and 65 requests from the Capital Municipal Council.

Fakhro explained that speed humps reduce vehicles speed and enhance traffic safety, therefore protecting people’s lives in residential and commercial areas.

The Speed Humps Committee visit locations to assess speed humps requests based on special technical specifications and requirements.