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Municipality honours DP World for its support in ensuring consumer products safety in Dubai


Dubai Municipality has honoured DP World authorities for latter’s efforts to support to ease the release of shipments containing various consumer products for testing and inspections by the civic body carried out to ensure safety levels of products in the local market.

It came during a program recently held near gate number 7 of  Jebal Ali Port.

Eng. Redha Salman, director of public health & safety department and Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafee, head of consumer products safety section represented Dubai Municipality in the evenet.

On the occasion Eng. Redha Salman said DP world’s support has been exemplary in facilitating and easing civic body’s activities and procedure to release consumer products shipments to local market after ensuring that products are up to the mark with regards to the requirements and specifications and also in line with the legislations on force in Dubai.

He praised the efforts of port authorities to monitor shipments systematically which is supporting Dubai Municipality’s activities to ensure safety of consumer products in the market.

He thanked the authorities for facilitating a new office in the port  premises where customers can contact for various services and references.

While detailing about the activities, Dr. Naseem said, during the first half of the year Dubai Municipality handled near about 1939 shipments for consumer products transported through Dubai ports. In addition, 177 shipments containing health supplements and 37 shipments carrying detergents and disinfectants were also monitored and tested by consumer products safety section officials.

Dr. Naseem said as a result of thorough monitoring and inspections with the support of port officials near about 120 shipments of consumer products were sent back to their countries of origin for not complying with safety levels of Dubai. Apart from this, 143 shipments related to health supplements as well as 11 shipments containing detergents and disinfectants were rejected and sent back by the officials.