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National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism: Skills-Gaps Strategy

Using a sophisticated large scale skills-gaps strategy, can the UAE become a global-age authoritative center to help out emerging nations across Africa and Asia? Can this become a post Expo2020 strategy?

By: Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and Chairman of Expothon Worldwide  

 The blueprints on National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism in Emerging Economies calls for high level open and bold debates: How will emerging nations across Asia and Africa turbo-boost productivity, performance and profitability and create massive grassroots prosperity by uplifting midsize business economies, city by city and nation by nation? National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism; call it a revolution or mobilization of massive transformation, is about uplifting 20% working citizenry and deployment of top 20% small and mediums size enterprise owners into become global age experts. Achieved in simultaneous synchronization, but how such global age models deployed, as most of these dramatic changes are not necessarily new funding dependent, rather they are decision hungry and good execution starved. So for emerging economies what’s stopping all this?  NOW, this can be a wake-up call for economies of the world; rethinking, reprioritizing, reinvesting and reinventing investable all over.

United Nations agenda was about saving nations form Climate Change and also populism 

Nations can save themselves from restless citizenry and blowing winds of populism; as futurism of ‘creating local grassroots prosperity’ divides into two distinct national mobilizations.   Firstly, creating skilled citizenry capable to swing with global-age demands and secondly, creating massive digitization of midsize economy to enable global-speed-performance to match trading with 100-200 nations. Nations with acquired mastery will thrive and lead; generational transformation at magical speed with full deployments of platform economy is a prerequisite. Sounds like rocket science; it is, but still very doable and progressively easy. Urgently needed are bold thinking, fearless debates and new priorities. 

Next Stage: A Revolution of Mind 

Self-discovery commitment poised to find all hidden potentials,  Self-optimization to deploy all new skills for maximum potentials
Realization of producing extreme-value on all goods and services Realization of producing extreme-image-positioning for global markets
Market navigation to reach global corners and quadruple exportability
Understanding value-creation to achieve local grassroots prosperity.
Learning to live in harmony, diversity and tolerance
 Establishing 24x7x365 lifelong strategies to survive the future

Rest becomes easier as the prosperity paths are advanced

Can a nation declare top priority to discover its hidden and untapped talents of their citizenry?
Can it demonstrate superior skills to mobilize small and medium businesses across the nation?
Can it adopt continuous self-learning to foster occupational superiority for the nation?
 Can national leadership demonstrate refined understanding of entrepreneurial skills?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets.
Fact: The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.
Fact: The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.
 Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links 

Three steps for Midsize Economy to advance on grassroots prosperity: 

Identify 1000 to 10,000 or 100,000 small and midsize entrepreneurs within a nation, and create a national agenda to quadruple their performance on innovative excellence and exportability. Caution–this is not to be confused with old out-dated-dysfunctional-data rather it requires the assembly of ultra-modern-digital and current-profiles of midsize enterprises within a nation. 

Deploy digitization of top national trade associations and chambers of commences to upgrade to world-class digital platforms so that their entire membership can skate nationally and globally showcasing their goods and services. Caution–this is not to be confused with already broken and disconnected websites from the last decade; this is more like LinkedIn format with colorful and highly interactive platforms.

 Study Expothon Strategy and how over a decade it has perfected the model; observe how Worldbank also adopted similar approach with their well executed Econothon project. Expect some serious deployments in this arena. It is time to engage the national entrepreneurial talent, 1000-10,000- or 1,00,000 small and midsize businesses in ongoing discussions and high quality entrepreneurial debates and to create global bounce that will unveil unlimited growth. Caution– this is not to be confused with a single plastic award night; this is about outstanding performance of the remaining 364 days of the year each filled with active and daily engagements. 

Timelines: Once tackled the mobilization agenda starts progress within a year or less.

Nations without massive internal digitization will not survive,
Nations without creating grassroots prosperity will end up in populism
Nations with skilled citizenry will not be able to export to full potential
 Nations without such debates on survival are only proving their own incompetence  

By all means, such transformations are no easy task; but however, they are less dependent on new-funding but are heavily dependent on global-age-execution and strategic agenda. The overflow of free technologies, progressive local, national and global solutions are grossly misunderstood and the least optimized areas. This is an ocean in need swimmers and scuba-divers. 

Such programs also improve current status of the national issues, like: 

Nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lack massive commercialization.
Nations have over certifications and degrees but seriously lack business directions.
Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects.
Nations have economic development programs but often without mega punch.

 A Round-table or Senior Cabinet Level discussions is always good starting point. 

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