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Nigerian delegation briefs about Bahrain’s experience in eGovernance

A senior delegation led by H.E. Hon. Faruk M. Yabo Commissioner Ministry of Local Government, from Sokoto, Nigeria, paid a visit recently to the eGovernment Authority (eGA) to learn from Bahrain’s experience in the field of eGovernment. The 24 senior official delegation’s visit to the eGA was in coordination with the host Royal University for Women (RUW).

Al Qaed welcomed the Nigerian delegation and expressed his appreciation to them for selecting Bahrain’s eGovernment model in order to become up-to-date with the latest in eGovernance, pointing out that the visit ensures that the pioneer initiatives of Bahrain in the fields of eGovernment and public service consolidates its position to share its advanced experiences to the least developed countries and the rest of the world.

Al Qaed reaffirmed Bahrain’s commitment to meet its international obligations in order to enhance ICT, eGovernment and innovation in the public service management; provide assistance at a regional and international scale in areas of exchange of expertise and capacity-building; as well as look forward to ensuring that the Nigerian delegation benefit from the eGovernment’s experience in developing and carrying-out policies that ensure the building and developing of their eGovernment. He also confirmed the exposure to other countries experiences allows a better methods to adapt eGovernment with minimum errors.

As part of the tour, the CEO Advisor Mr. Feras Jaafar Ahmed briefed the delegation about the establishment of the eGovernment Authority and its development process along with the encountered difficulties in the course of implementing the first and second strategies. The Nigeria Honorable Commissioner Ministry for Local Government H.E. Faruk M. Yabo stated that the aim of the visit is to explore the municipality and eGovernment systems in Bahrain.

“When we were selecting places to go to in Bahrain, I instantly chose the eGovernment Authority. In terms of eGovernment and public services, Bahrain is an excellent model as it advanced to become number 1 in the region. Thus, I believe that the country has done incredibly well,” said H.E. Mr. Yabo. “We visited other models in Manchester and Cyprus, Bahrain model was different as it is efficient and uncomplicated, so we can learn from it and take the reference knowledge back home. In the eGovernment field we made attempts to integrate all the information and data of citizens, I feel we can benefit from Bahrain’s integrated system in this regard,” he continued.

Mr. Faruk pointed, “Last year a Nigerian delegation led by Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Administration H.E. Mr. Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, participated at the UN Public Service Day 2013 held in Bahrain which established a strong relationship in this domain.”

The delegation toured the authority’s premises, its departments and directorates. They expressed their appreciation for eGA’s cooperation in assisting them to gain access to several successful practices and strategies adopted by the Kingdom. The delegation’s visit was the incentive for development – moving forward to ensure the delivery of improved public services and capacity-building.

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