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Omanoil contributes to development of future-ready Omani workforce

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil) recorded investing over 90 per cent of its expenditure in the local market, with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) contracted for logistics, maintenance, marketing and legal services, as well as construction projects and business consultation.

As part of the company’s In-Country Value initiative aimed at contributing to Oman’s socio-economic development, omanoil has helped create vast employment and business opportunities, empowering and cultivating the national talent pool all the while encouraging the SME sector growth.

Through its 162 filling stations, 88 convenience stores and 17 car care centers, omanoil has not only increased its product and service offering but also new business opportunities throughout the Sultanate. In addition to its filling stations that are either fully owned or operated by Omanis and its car care centers managed by SMEs, the company’s outlets prioritize local employment from surrounding communities, opening doors to career prospects for the youth.

“We have a responsibility as a home-grown establishment to lead by example and guide the youth as they enter the job market to become part of Oman’s economic progress,” said Engr. Omar Ahmed Salim Qatan, omanoil Chief Executive Officer. “The employment potential in Oman is vast, even more so given that SMEs represent over 90 per cent of the total number of registered firms. Our aim is to build strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs and SMEs and share our expertise to enhance their development, enabling them to establish a foothold in the market,” he added.

With a decade’s worth of experience in the oil and gas industry, omanoil invests in broadening the knowledge and expanding the capacities of the national talent pool with educational, coaching and leadership programs to ensure skilled resources for a future-ready Omani workforce. Extending its vision beyond its walls to support local startup businesses, omanoil hopes to instill a sense of ownership and pride amongst young entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers.

“Throughout our 10 years, we always believed that our actions today will form our future and so every step we take ensures that we leave a lasting legacy for the next generation of leaders who will propel this company and country forward,” said Engr. Qatan.