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On the ball online: World Cup viewers on Internet soar

The 2018 FIFA World Cup isn’t just a tournament for football obsessives; with millions of eyes on the action, there are plenty of people getting involved who aren’t usually football fanatics.

A research by Global Web Index on the profile of World Cup Fans and Internet users who say they watch the tournament on TV or online, has provided interesting insights.


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The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sporting competitions, with 48% of Internet users tuning in.

But it’s not just a large audience, it’s a diverse one too. 37% of World Cup Fans are female, and the competition makes inroads with younger viewers – over half of its viewers are under the age of 34, according to the research by Global Web Index.

With teams representing every continent in the tournament, the World Cup offers a great opportunity to expand the sport’s reach to key growth areas, so it’s encouraging that more half of Internet viewers in MEA (Middle East & Africa) watch the tournament.


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This is the second highest percentage after Latin America where 62% of Internet viewers watch the tournament.

MEA is followed by Asia Pacific (APAC), where half of the internet viewers (50%) watch the tournament.


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The research has also cross-referenced tournament viewing with sports viewing to see how expansive the World Cup viewing audience really is.

A quarter of World Cup Fans say that they don’t normally watch football, potentially highlighting the fact that it’s a social activity or a reason for a gathering as a special occasion.