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One To One Hotels & Resorts appoints Myrna Fouad Saliba as its Global Wellness Consultant

One to One Hotels & Resorts appoints Myrna Fouad Saliba, founder and CEO of ASHE Wellness, to be its Global Wellness Consultant. ASHE Wellness is a powerful multilevel platform focused on Awareness for Sports Health and the Environment and is a sister company to Myrna Saliba Enterprises Ltd.

Mrs. Salibaholds a Master degree in physical education; she is a motivational speaker, a fitness freelance writer, an ACSM personal trainer, an RRCA running coach; a USAT triathlon coach; a USAT race director; and one of only two Arabs certified AIMS/ IAAF race measurers.

Dubbed “Bahrain number one fitness guru” in 2010,Mrs. Saliba leads by example, she is an active runner, a triathlete andan ultra marathoner, who has earned multiple age group awards and covered over 1000 miles, 20 marathons and 50 endurance races across the world in the last decade. Mrs. Saliba is an “Ironman” finisher, and has been privileged to participate at the “70.3 Ironman World Championship.”

Of her successful businesses across national borders, her athletic achievements and her professional skills and knowledge, Mrs. Saliba makes a firm statement not only of herself, but of all people “Believe in the power of your mind, know your inner self and discover your physical potential. Then… with a little bit of passion and a whole lot of determination everything is within reach.”

Mr. Philippe Harb COO at One to One Hotels said of the appointment: “In today’s world, wellness programs are imperative in order to balance out people’s frantic and stressful lifestyle. We are happy at One to One to lead such initiative in the Middle East hotelier industry. Our consultant will focus,via an array of activities and publications, on guests’ physical and mental wellbeing during their stay at One to One. I trust once they leave, they will carry with them some of Mrs. Saliba’s teachings and use it as a stepping stone on their own road to a lifetime wellness. Helping our guests lead a better, healthier and balanced life style is the best gift we can offer them in appreciation of their business.”