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Qatar Exchange finishes flat

As the UAE, Qatar has to wait six months more until index provider MSCI decides whether it will upgrade the gas-rich state to 'emerging market' from 'frontier market'. The QE Index closed unchanged at 8,217.42 points. Commenting on the decision a spokesman for the QE said that: "Qatar Exchange views the decision as recognition of the positive steps taken by the Exchange and the regulators in Qatar to meet the requirements of the MSCI and satisfy the needs of the International institutional investors". "We will continue to work with the regulators and all stakeholders including the investors to improve the market infrastructure, and we will continue our efforts to develop the market. We would also like to emphasize that the progress made so far has received wide international recognition and appreciation", he added. "A future upgrade to emerging market status will confirm the progress on the market infrastructure front, but does not impact the underlying economic strength of Qatar. The economy of Qatar is strong and companies listed on the QE are performing very well and attracting local and foreign investors alike. QE was the best performing market in the region last year and second best dividend paying market globally", the QE spokesman elaborated.