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Qatar moves to combat e-crimes

The Qatari cabinet has said it has taken ‘necessary measures’ for issuing a draft law to combat e-crimes, after taking note of the Advisory Council’s recommendations, Gulf Times has reported. According to the draft, anyone who manages via the Internet or through one of the IT means to unlawfully access the website or the IT system belonging to state organs, institutions, authorities or entities or their affiliates, and anyone who establishes or runs a website through the internet or via an information technology device for the dissemination of incorrect news to endanger the state’s safety, or public order or internal or external security are punishable. As per the draft legislation, anyone who has violated any of the principles or social values or has published news or pictures or audio-video recordings related to the sanctity of the private and family life of individuals, even if they are correct, through the Internet or an information technology device, will also be exposed to punishment.