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QFBA records successful 2013 with unsurpassed quality rating

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) announced that it has recorded a successful 2013 with an unsurpassed quality rating, which it hopes to build on in the upcoming year.

Mr. Hussain Ismail, Head of Product Development at the QFBA, said during a recent seminar: “In 2013, the QFBA offered about 119 programs, covering 499 cumulative days, with total attendance of 1,346 participants. We are also proud to say that the QFBA’s Overall Programs Quality Rating is 4.61. This is on a scale of one to five rating points, and is comparable to a 92% score. This is testament to QFBA’s sole objective, which is focusing on delivering the highest quality of training and education and we hope to achieve results of similar or better quality in 2014.”

QFBA CEO Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr, said in a statement, “The broader focus for the QFBA is to help brands, including financial services providers in Qatar and businesses of all sizes, to identify their organizational training requirements and tailor bespoke solutions for their staff. The QFBA is already working with many large organizations both in the government and private sectors, including brands in both the B2B and B2C arenas in Qatar that have active financial training mandates for their staff.”

QFBA currently has associations with 56 direct faculty members of various specializations, supported by 6 specialized companies, and is tapping into their expertise based on the needs of the financial sector and other firms. The Academy is working to grow these partnerships in the upcoming year through customized courses. This year, the QFBA offered 87 customized courses spanning 300 total days to clients who requested bespoke solutions for staff development. This custom calendar is supported by the Academy’s open program that provides companies the flexibility to train smaller numbers of participants, sharing the program with other participants along with other institutes.

Courses are available either via the QFBA website or on demand by physical registration at QFBA premises at QFC Tower 2 in Doha. The Academy, which operates under the auspices of the QFC Authority, offers a year-round calendar covering areas such as banking, insurance, finance, Islamic finance, capital markets and asset management, compliance, anti-money laundering, and business management, as well as training for soft skills and foundation skills. The recently concluded seminar on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence was hosted by QFBA. The guests at the seminar included representatives of major banks in Qatar as well as leading companies with financial training requirements.

The keynote guest speaker who set the tone for the session was Dr. S. Thomas Emerson, Distinguished Career Professor of Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Dr. Emerson spoke about Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. He said: “In addition to training, organizations will not succeed without effective leadership. Leaders focus on organizational achievement. They are both self-sacrificing and they serve. They think strategically and have High Emotional Intelligence.

“It is interesting that effective leadership can come in many forms. Some leaders are forceful and autocratic. Some are subdued and analytical. Some lead by vision and inspiration. Still others perform leadership functions by being likable team-builders. The truth is the most effective leaders use a variety of these leadership styles. The critical differentiator is High Emotional Intelligence or EQ,” he said. Mr. Hussain Ismail added that psychometric (SHL) testing to assess staff and graduate trainees is a service that the QFBA is planning to introduce for corporate clients: “Our partners have varying requests that involve testing and this will help them assess the suitability of candidates for senior management roles. Tests such as SHL-based analysis can assess an individual’s aptitude, personality, knowledge, development criteria, and most importantly their fitness for a specific role.”

With the upgrade of its website earlier in 2013, the QFBA is able to offer interested applicants a regularly updated calendar of courses, including the instant review of the chosen course particulars, as well as fast online registration and payment through an electronic gateway to secure seats. Dedicated password protected access is also available for corporates to automate the billing process for individual or group staff registrations.

Course durations are further tailored to meet professional schedules and most vary from 3 days to 10 days, plus more intensive courses such as CPA, CFA and CMA certification, which can be delivered in around 35 days. The QFBA administers these classes from 8:00am to late in the evenings to suit client requirements.

QFBA has a facility designed to accommodate simultaneous courses in nine different classrooms. These include a series of classrooms that can accommodate around 12 participants, a larger room designed to accommodate around 25.

QFBA is situated in QFC Tower 2 and is one of the most advanced training and testing centers of its kind in Qatar.