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Rent too high? Move to one of these most affordable places in UAE

With the introduction of a 5% Value-Added Tax (VAT), and the 50-100% Excise Tax, things are a bit more expensive; many are considering moving to a cheaper place.

The cost of living in Ajman is calculated to be about 188% cheaper than Dubai; as per Numbeo, the world’s largest database of data about cities and countries worldwide.

Why move?

Ajman is the cheapest place so far, but that’s only part of the reason to move there.

ExpatWoman reports that there is always something to do in Ajman: “In the summer, tan on sandy beaches, shop or visit historical landmarks, whereas you can enjoy festivals, public parks, fishing and plenty more during the winter.”

Eating a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Dubai would cost you between $8 and $14. while in Ajman it would cost you between $4 and $5.

Healthcare is another area Ajman is great in, while it is reported to be on-par with the other areas in the region $13 to $27. Reported by ExpatWoman, Ibn Sina Medical Centre offers almost all specialty doctors; with Diagnostic services, are also being available.

How much does renting an apartment cost?

A 1-bedroom apartment rent in Ajman can cost you on average $600/month, compared to the $1500/month you are shelling out in Dubai.

A 3-bedroom apartment rent in Ajman would cost you around $1,170/month, while in Dubai it’ $2,700/month.

Although salaries in Ajman are considerably lower, on average $1,500/month, compared to Dubai’s $3,500/month; working in Dubai and going back to Ajman will only take one-and-a-half-hour of your time, with transportation passes going for $34/month.

The Construction of RAK Ring Road and its completion this year; traffic is expected to be cut by 1/3rd as reported by Arabian Business.