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RMD Boards launches ‘Say Yes to No Wood’ movement

RMD Boards, a division of JRD International based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, has launched ‘Say Yes to No Wood’ movement under which the company will plant a tree for every 100 ‘Likes’ on its Facebook page.

RMD Boards, which manufactures multi-use wall panels that are designed to replace conventional wooden and plywood panels, is running the campaign until February 14, 2015, and aims to plant hundreds of trees, as part of its commitment to environmental conservation.

“The ‘Say Yes to No Wood’ movement is our contribution to global efforts to reduce deforestation,” said Anupam Lunavat, Managing Director of JRD International, the parent company of RMD. “It is estimated that 29.8 million trees are cut down daily in the world and 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost every second. RMD Boards seeks to address this alarming situation through this campaign and we would like everyone to support it through a simple Like,” Anupam added.

Sagar Verma, President, RMD Boards, said: “Our core message is that the interior decoration sector needs to adopt more eco-friendly materials, such as our wall panels which are lightweight and can be pasted directly on cement block walls or plastered walls without any other base material, thus saving transportation, labor and installation costs.”

RMD Boards is a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit cum corporate headquarters spread over 10 acres in Jebel Ali Free Zone and employs around 700 people. The diversified products from RMD Boards are water-proof, termite resistant, certified fire retardant, highly durable, light-weight and 100 per cent recyclable. The use of PP in these engineered products replaces the use of wood, thus reducing carbon footprint. The product range includes Wall Panels, Wall Coverings, Shuttering Panels, Site fencing Antiskid flooring and False Ceilings for the construction and interior decoration sectors.

The products are being now commercially marketed in the UAE, GCC, Africa, Pakistan, Ghana and Australia. The company’s focus on using non-wood materials has a global appeal and will contribute significantly to combat deforestation in the interest of a greener environment.