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Royal Jet reaffirms its position as leading Medevac operator with appointment of new medical director

Royal Jet Medevac Operations, the international aero medical evacuation and repatriation services subsidiary of Royal Jet, headquartered in the UAE, has appointed a new medical director to further enhance its position as the leading Medevac operator in the Middle East.

The company, which was launched in May 2003 under the leadership of HE Sheikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman of Royal Jet, was the Middle East’s first licensed, commercial Medevac provider and is the most successful such operator in the region. Year-on-year growth in both the number of patients and missions carried out continues to rise by over 60%.

Dr Frank Porter, from Germany, is a graduate of Yale University and has extensive global experience of emergency medicine and critical care units. He will take up his new position as Royal Jet Medevac Operations’ Director this January.

In welcoming him to the organisation, Royal Jet’s President and CEO, Shane O’Hare said that he was joining a company that, by any measure, had an impressive track record. “No matter what the specific condition of the patients, we have specialist medical staff and doctors with whom we can match each case (such as cardiology or neo-natal). Our equipment is technologically highly advanced and includes the latest neo-natal ventilators and defibrillators. We stock a large supply of equipment to match all types of missions.

“All our medevac aircraft are equipped with a direct satellite link to intensive care experts on the ground,” he continued. “If there is a change in a patient’s medical condition, we can immediately arrange a diversion if required, and liaise with the necessary ground services at the nearest suitable airport to organise a ground ambulance to meet the aircraft and plan for direct hospital admission into the nearest suitable medical facility.”

Royal Jet Medevac Operations has a fully medevac-equipped Lear 55 aircraft, as well as the use of a modern fleet of long range aircraft such as Gulfstreams, Lear 35s and ultra long-range Boeing 737 Business Jets. It can handle up to three intensive care patients in a single aircraft at any one time, and it also has an extensive range of airworthy-approved critical care equipment and dedicated specialised medical teams and cabin crew.

“Royal Jet Medevac Operations has just completed yet another tremendously successful year, under the leadership of HE Sheikh Hamdan,” Shane O’Hare continued; “and we have been privileged to have been chosen as the sole providers for the armed forces, government health authorities and a number of medical insurance companies.

“Our clients also include private individuals, hospitals, embassies and tour operators, and we can transport any patient requiring international medical evacuation to most destinations worldwide. Because we are based in the Middle East, we can offer a very rapid reaction time, creating a strategic link between locations in the Far East and Europe with no crew scheduling issues caused by having to fly out a double crew from Europe for example.

“However,” he said, “we never take our leading position for granted, so I am very pleased that Dr Porter is joining our organisation where he will, I am sure, keep Royal Jet Medevac Operations at the forefront of the medical evacuation sector and lead us to yet further success in the coming months and years ahead.”