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RSI Queuing System installed at International Bank of Somalia

Banks are usually highly crammed places, full of uncertain, anxious and often annoyed customers with unclear information, awaiting their turn or expecting some guidance. Given the average number of footfalls that any popular bank receives in a day, it should be a matter of high priority to organize the customers in a proper manner, make them feel comfortable, assist them smoothly and avoid chaos. This is exactly what the higher management of the International Bank of Somalia had in mind when it thought of installing active queue management systems at the bank’s branches in order to organize the visitors and help them in a seamless manner. For this purpose, it chose the RSI Queuing System, which has a proven record of helping to manage thousands of people every day.

Besides helping the bank employees and service staff to effectively manage customer inflow, the state-of-the-art RSI Queuing System provides several other benefits. It comes with smart, high definition customer display screens that display useful information and other banking related promotional content. The queue agent display helps visitors from getting confused and directs them to appropriate banking counters. The kiosk machine, ticket dispenser, ticket printer and interactive kiosk further help to save time – while customers can print out tickets and counter tokens through ‘self-service’, courtesy these kiosks, the service staff also need to worry about personally catering to every single visitor. The queue sound manager helps to broadcast important announcements, such as customer names, ticket numbers, etc.

All aspects of the active queue management system installed by RSI Concepts for the International Bank of Somalia has helped the bank to significantly minimize waiting time of its visitors and efforts of its employees. In fact, the RSI Queuing System has helped the bank to service visitors in a smooth and easy manner and improve overall customer experience.

On the success of this project, Shehzad Asghar, Project Manager, RSI Concepts, remarks, “Installing the RSI Queuing System for International Bank of Somalia not only highlights our technical strength and capabilities but also goes into showing how well we can cater to and manage varied customer flow management requirements of big clients.”

By choosing to install the RSI QMS, the International Bank of Somalia has indeed taken the right step towards catering to millions of its customers in a more efficient and effective manner.


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