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Saudi Creative Business Cup (CBC) launched by Qotuf AlRiyadah taking part in the AlKhozama Fashion Art and Design Exhibition 2014

Qotuf AlRiyadah will be featuring the Saudi Creative Business Cup in its booth at the AlKhozama Fashion Art and Design Exhibition 2014 taking place in Riyadh from the June 30 till July 2 corresponding to the second of Ramadan this year.

The goals of the Creative Business Cup are to promote entrepreneurship within the creative industries, by strengthening their entrepreneurial business skills, increase their ability to successfully start up a company based on their creative competencies, in addition to highlight new entrepreneurial talents in this sector and to motivate tomorrows entrepreneurs today.

The Saudi Creative Business Cup is part of a global competition that is held every year in Denmark. Through those national events, the most creative ideas and are chosen and the finalists compete. Qotuf is the custodian and organizer of the Saudi Creative Business Cup in Saudi Arabia.

The Creative Business Cup targets entrepreneurs with a new creative idea for a product or a service, entrepreneurs within the SME sector who are already offering a creative product/service in the market and entrepreneurs within the SME sector whose creative product/service addresses a market need or solves an existing problem.

The targeted creative industries include; home based businesses, businesses that depend on the Internet for their product or service offering, the design sector such as innovative gadgets, furniture, toy, internal décor design, in addition to jewelry design. The other targeted industries include home accessories, women’s and men’s and children’s garments, garden, tool design, architecture and homes solutions, computer games, Apps, content production in film, videography, photography, advertising and music. The targeted creative industries also includes entertainment ideas social innovation ideas, introducing innovation to existing industries such as agriculture, medical and environmental.