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Second edition of Italian Business Experience to welcome Omani business community

The second edition of the Italian Business Experience will be welcoming the Omani business community from the 19th to the 21st of October 2014, in Muscat. The event has already attracted many more Italian companies than last year and the number is still growing.

Several Omani governmental institutions support the Italian Business Experience and will be present during the event in October.

The Italian Business Experience aims to strengthen trade relations between Italy and the Sultanate of Oman. 60% of the participants at the last year’s event formed new partnerships with Omani companies. This resulted in availability of more Italian products and services in the Omani market. Most companies participating are small to medium sized enterprises (SME). The Government of Oman supports the chance for Omani SME’s to grow together with a foreign company.

Many countries in Europe are suffering from a difficult economic solution at the moment and therefore a large number of professional companies look at opportunities elsewhere. The positive business climate and the stable economy in the Sultanate are appealing to Italian companies.

“We see a growing knowledge of Oman in Italy which helps to increase the number or Italian tourists here. More importantly, an increasing number of Italian companies understand the possibilities in developing a company with an Omani partner,” said Giselda Abate, CEO of Easy Business LLC.

The event is a cooperation between OMANEXPO and Easy Business LLC. Omanexpo is the pioneer event management company and the leading organizer of major trade shows, exhibitions and conferences in the Sultanate of Oman. Easy Business LLC has, since the start two years ago, successfully assisted Italian companies in their aim to build up a business in Oman, to find partners and investors and to fill the gaps still existing in the market.

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