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If you think you’re addicted to your smart phone, you’d be very wrong

Former top Apple executive Tony Fadell, principal at Future Shape, discusses smart tech addiction and the consumption of digital media on “Bloomberg Technology.”

“There are a whole set of unintended consequences for kids and adults who seem to be connected all the time,” Fadell said.

“We encourage tech-free Sundays, we try for screen time limits, although it is hard to control or limit.”

He said that he hears of kids and adults addicted to smart phones or other connected devices, but the key is to find tools that measure and moderate what data people consume.

“If we take a parallel with food addiction, we have scales that tell us our weight, and dietary programs to control habits, we have proteins and sugars and their consequences,” Fadell said.

“The i-phone is just a fridge, not the addiction. What we consume from it is.”

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