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SOS Children’s Villages in Syria supports its children by introducing new sponsoring programs under the title ‘To Give More’

The SOS Children’s Villages in Syria launched its advertisement campaign entitled ‘To Give More’, in line with the organization’s announcement of introducing new children sponsoring programs, which will benefit the children positively, besides raising the child’s sponsoring monthly fees to 600 S.P per month.

The new sponsoring program is divided into 5 new kinds, they are sponsoring a child’s whole expenses, sponsoring whole house expenses, educational sponsoring, sponsoring child’s clothing and medical care sponsoring.

“As we are aware about the basic essential needs to accomplish children’s important requirements such as education and medical care, and due the acceptance of raising numbers of children who’ve been effected by the Syrian conflict, we’ve put our plan this year to support our children by fulfilling their requirements and protecting their rights, hence, and in collaboration with our partners, we introduced our new sponsoring program that focuses on children’s basic needs,” said Mr. Rani Rahmo, SOS Children’s Villages National Director in Syria.

He added, “Ramadan is the month of giving where all people are willing to do good and present their own contribution and initiatives to the beneficiaries, therefore, we came out with our new campaign under the title (To Give More) since we believe that all have the courage to do good that will be positively reflected on our society and develop it by supporting the people who are really in need.”

The Education Sponsoring program aims to provide a child with schooling stationary and supplements for a whole year, the sponsor will be paying an amount of 30,000 S.P per year to cover the child’s education expenses. Children who need medical care can be supported by their sponsors who became a part of medical care sponsoring program and are committed to pay 3000 S.P per month to cover the required expenses. The SOS Children’s Villages in Syria also introduced the sponsoring a child’s clothing program, where the sponsor will pay an annual amount of 20,000 S.P. the sponsor may also sponsor a child’s whole expenses by paying an amount of 10,000 S.P per month.

It is worth to mention that the SOS Children’s Villages in Syria works on giving a consistent loving warm homes for orphans, including supporting their rights and offering them love, security and healthy living standards. The SOS Children Villages cares on raising children in a stable environment, therefore, group of initiatives are executed to achieve this goal such as the Family Strengthen program, sponsoring a child program and many other.

In Ramadan 2013, the SOS Children’s Villages launched its ERP program starting with the ‘All Together’ campaign, resulted by distributing more than 60,000 fasting meals in Damascus and its countryside, Aleppo and its countryside, Swieda and Daraa. The campaign was followed by the ‘Eideyeh’ initiative which distributed new cloth and candy for more than 8000 child in Damascus and Aleppo. In addition of distributing 4000 milk cans to infants in Aleppo.

The SOS Children’s Villages also distributed 16000 school bags for children during the “My Right to Education” campaign 2013, in collaboration with the Syria Trust for development, to help children to go back to schools.

And as part of its immediate relief response of providing emergency basic needs, the SOS Children’s Villages in Syria continues on giving food baskets to displaced Syrians in Daraa, Damascua and Damascus Rural.

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