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Survey results: Which team is dominating choice for World Cup winner?

AMEinfo recently surveyed its readership and found that Brazil was the chosen winner for the World Cup trophy!

However, don’t celebrate too fast.

Brazil might not even make it to the second round!

Their underperformance in games 1 and 2 might just become the team’s undoing and leave them a few million dollars empty-handed on the trip back home.

27% chose Brazil as the winning team this year, ahead of Germany’s 17%, who as well, are on the brink of going home empty-handed, compared to world champions just 4 years earlier.

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What do your odds show?

What is happening?

Before the World Cup started cats, camels, and even experts were giving their honest opinions on the game.

Now, AI is here to tell you who is going to win, Germany that is, and 17% of you might be right.

The AI tool used by Ghent University in Belgium has concluded that Germany, despite its rough start in the group stage, has the best chances of winning after 1,000 simulations.

The tool gave the university the results of a 17% chance for the winning team: Germany!

Second in line will be Brazil with a 12% overall chance.

Saudi Arabia placed last in the simulations.

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Don’t cry foul so fast

However, If you’re not a fan of either Spain or Germany, then financial firm Goldman Sachs has some good news for you. Its machine learning engines ran over a million simulations to predict Brazil will stand atop the podium after defeating Germany. To get there, Brazil will overcome France while Germany will beat Portugal. Spain is expected to underperform, losing in the quarterfinals.

To do this, the firms fed an AI data on team strategy, the strengths and weaknesses of individual players, and recent team results.