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TAG Heuer: It’s time to connect

This interview is part of the report Why luxury brands MUST go beyond digital and embrace 360-degree experience

Anne-Claire Richomme Bergoffen, Marketing & Communication Manager, TAG Heuer Middle East, talks innovation, loyalty and multi-channel experience.

Tell us briefly about TAG Heuer’s recent partnerships/sponsorships and associated content creation/ brand activations in the Middle East? What was the thought process/selection process behind this?

The Global Startup Bootcamp – part of arab luxury world 2018, a two-day conference on the business of luxury in the Middle East, held in Dubai in May – was one of such ventures that we found to be very important as it brought together young entrepreneurs who are revolutionising the realm of Arab luxury and retail sectors by integrating technology. Having said that, we also follow a global branding strategy, making sure TAG Heuer is visible and is connected with the young generation.

TAG Heuer is at the forefront of design, manufacturing and marketing of a Swiss luxury watch brand, and we are proud to support powerful initiatives in the Middle East with ambitions close to TAG Heuer’s culture.

Although we are highly benefited by international partnerships, we are open to partnerships on regional initiatives too.


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One of our areas of focus for the region was to find the right ambassador to represent our brand rather than putting too much emphasis on associating with influencers. Keeping that in mind, we signed Raha Moharrak last year, the youngest Arab and the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest, as part of our campaign.

With our new campaign, which will start shooting soon, she will talk about her journey and how she has become a role model for all the Arab women out there who want to achieve their dreams.

On a more international level, we are also working with ambassadors like Cara Delevingne and Alec Monopoly to connect with our younger audience.

Although TAG Heuer is connecting with the youth and younger generations, that doesn’t mean we have forgotten our long-standing loyal customers that have been connected to the brand for many years.


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We have recently brought to the Middle East initiatives such as Museum in Motion, an exhibition of heritage timepieces celebrating the 55th anniversary of our TAG Heuer Carrera collection and took the opportunity to launch the Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition that was immediately a commercial success.

Those types of initiatives allow us to meet and connect with regional TAG Heuer collectors and fans of the brand.

What are the key objectives of TAG Heuer’s content creation, special operations/activations and partnerships with events?

The marketing strategy of TAG Heuer has evolved through the years, according to changing times and customer experience.

Two years ago when we developed and executed campaigns, we used to focus more on the traditional media. Now, we are making more and more use of digital to target the new generation.

Another way we have developed to connect with the modern consumer is to invest a lot into events.

We do not just want our customers to walk through our doors, but also to connect with us. Therefore, last year we organized close to 40 events in the Middle East region, 80% of which were in the UAE alone.

The UAE is the largest market for us in the Middle East, and that’s why we always try different ways to connect with the customers.

Can you give some examples?

For one of the most interesting TAG Heuer campaigns recently we selected 10 of our customers in the UAE, for a day of adventure and excitement. First we took them to the desert where they got a chance to experience a hot air balloon flight.


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Then they landed at a traditional Bedouin camp where we welcomed them for breakfast and showed them our limited Autavia edition that we created especially for the UAE, in partnership with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

Following that, we took them for a yoga class where they got to experiment with our new digital watch, the Connected Modular 41.

After which, they were taken out for lunch and were shown the latest 2018 collection, which included Formula 1, Carrera, Aquaracer timepieces and more that were revealed first in Geneva earlier in 2018.

Apart from this, we have done pop-up activations in the malls in the UAE and the region.

In a nutshell, we believe in going beyond executing normal campaigns to attract customers and that is what makes us different from our potential competitors.