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Taysir Holding LLC. delegation visit to Saudi Arabia was successful

A delegation from Taysir Holding visited Saudi Arabia early this month and met with several financial institutions within the area to discuss Taysir Holding suite of solutions.

It was a very successful visit and much interest was shown in the Taysir Holding suite of solutions which were presented, including the Smart POS technology.

The first steps have been established in building up relationships with the back bone of payments processing in Saudi Arabia towards helping with structuring and implementing these new technologies in the region.

After the meetings were concluded, Taysir delegation visited many merchants sites for better understanding the needs and challenges which Saudi business owners face when it comes to accepting payments. At the same time the delegation experienced and appreciated the beauty and the hospitality of local communities.

“I believe that Saudi Arabia is in a perfect position to move forward with the latest in electronic payments technologies. Taysir Holding’s mobile solutions are a perfect fit because of the convenience for both the merchants and their customers. Smart phones are widely used and adopted here and this gives electronic payments a chance to show its true value and potential through Smart phone applications and peripherals,” Mrs Monique Klaui, CEO of Taysir Holding LLC. said.