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Top 8 Halal markets for Ramadan travel

The holy month of Ramadan has coincided with the summer holiday season this year. If you’re making plans to enjoy have a vacation and also observe the Holy Month, here is a list of the top halal markets to travel to this festive period.


The country has time and again been touted as the most Muslim-friendly destination. A visit here during Ramadan is highly recommended. You will get the opportunity to catch sight of the religious events that take place during the 30-day period.

There are special bazaars and some Ramadan markets that open from 4pm and go on till just after Maghrib prayers. The most popular locales that are a must-visit during Ramadan are: Taman Tun Dr Ismail Ramadhan bazaar, Bukit Bintang Ramadan bazaar and Section 17 bazaar.


The month of Ramadan is a very festive affair when you’re in Turkey. The streets and the markets are buzzing with activity. Specialised Ramadan menus are the highlight of the restaurants and hotels, which line up with special Iftar dishes. Also, the generosity of the people is something that comes to the fore during this time.

Don’t be surprised if you find one queue too many outside particular eateries, as it is considered the norm to give food to the less fortunate – an act of compassion and empathy. You must also know that it is a Turkish ritual that drum-rolls are used to wake up fellow Muslims before the morning prayers.

United Arab Emirates

If you’re chalking up plans to visit the UAE in Ramadan, brace yourself to be enchanted by a range of cultural, community and family-oriented events.  There are activities galore – markets and malls come alive as they all celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month. Special authentic Arabic Iftar meals get served in beautifully decorated majlis-style tents. Shoppers can also take advantage of the abundant discounts and shopping promotions.


Ramadan is observed with great fanfare in Indonesia. There are a host of lively events that are staged during the month. A wonderful fusion of tradition can be witnessed in different parts of the country. The preparations for the Holy Month begin a month prior, as children participate in processions across cities. Shopping and promotional discounts can be availed and, if you’re a seeker of specialised traditional Indonesian cuisine, then the Ramadan delicacies will not leave you disappointed.


Set foot in the country in Ramadan and you will be greeted by multiple sights of bazaars and food stalls lining up the streets. Almost every restaurant is braced with special culinary preparations – from local and Western cuisine – buffet-style. Locally it is traditional for mosques to prepare Iftar buffets and all are welcome to have the meal together.


The Austrian capital city, Vienna, is ranked amongst the top halal havens in the world. It has ample Muslim-friendly tourist hotspots to keep the observers of the Holy Month occupied. According to figures, Austria boasts a Muslim populace of more than eight million. The country has many mosques and other Muslim architectural marvels – such as the Vienna Islamic Centre and Turkish Islamic Cultural Center.

United Kingdom

Just before the onset of Ramadan, there is a flurry of travelers who are UK-bound. Not surprising then that London figures in this compilation. Gulf travelers in particular famously escape to the cool weather of the capital city of London to observe the month of Ramadan.

In terms of Halal-friendliness, London’s ratings have always been very high and understandably so. Hotels across London and other cities have introduced an array of services to attract and cater to Muslim guests. There are a number of restaurants and mosques that decorate cities across the country. Each of them boasts specialised Ramadan gourmet cuisine.


This country is home to cities that have an abundance of heritage and history. If you’re a Muslim traveler, Morocco plays the ideal host on all counts. Be it observance of prayers, halal food, or sightseeing attractions, Morocco has plenty of facilities to leave you impressed. Don’t miss out on paying a visit to the Koutubia Mosque, which is a star attraction of Marrakech city.  

These top global halal destinations hold enormous promise to wow you with their halal options and memorable hospitality. Have a blessed Eid!