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Total value of financial transactions through eGovernment reaches to BD17m

Vice CEO of the eGovernment Authority Dr. Zakareya Ahmed Al Khaja announced the latest payment services statistics for 2013 which have shown high demand through the eGovernment Authority (eGA) various channels with a growth of 25% in the number of financial transactions amounting to BD17,795,710 in 2013 with 20% as the number of transactions which has significantly witnessed a more pronounced growth in the range of 253,310 transactions.

Payment of Electricity and Water Bills, Payment of UOB Course Fees, and Payment of Traffic Contraventions are the top payment services in terms of the number and financial value of transactions.

As part of the authority’s aim to improve user’s experience and increase usage rate through active engagement with clients, the eGovernment Authority has recently honored the winners during the promotional campaign launched for three months from August 20th to October 20th, 2013; on ePayment services with a view to ensure that a growing large cross-section of the population can take maximum advantage of all services offered and delivered.

Payments during the three-month promotional campaign on payment services have reached over 50,638 transactions with a total value of BD4,233,190; given that September has recorded the highest level of transactions during 2013 – reaching over 28,142 transactions with a total value of BD 2,588,646.

Dr. Al Khaja stated that the visible surge in statistics highlights the growing awareness and reflects public information campaigns conducted by the eGovernment Authority in conjunction with various entities, together with customer familiarity with security level according to the international standards, and provided by eGA through payment services delivered by its channels on the eGovernment portal (, Mobile Gateway (, smartphone apps, eKiosks and the National Contact Center (8000 8001).

As part of the eGA’s recognition for participants and as a way to motivate them for payment through various eGovernment channels, incentive awards such as iPads Mini have been instituted by the authority.

eGovernment Authority Vice CEO Dr. Zakareya Ahmed Al-Khaja has honored the winners; namely, Batoul Sayed Sadeq Jaafar AlAlawi, Nabeel Agha, Hessa Jassim Mohammed Massih, Noor Ali Saeed Ebrahim AlSeyrafi, Hussein Ebrahim Kadhem Buhameed, Shyam Lal Daga, Fatima Abbas Mohammed Hasan, Skate Shack, Thomas Philip and Elaheh Mahmood.

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