Complex Made Simple

Towers with crystal-clear advantages

Tabanlıoğlu Architects, the firm behind Al Fattan Crystal Towers, will see to it that Cityscape Global visitors will this September get up close and personal with this JBR gem.

Architects Murat Tabanlıoğlu and Melkan Gürsel will be in Dubai for the duration of the exhibition happening this month.

The high-end mixed-use development project in Jumeirah Beach Residence showcases two crystalline towers offering 360-degree panoramas of the city of Dubai.  The project includes a podium of three floors of urban facilities planned at the lower levels, housing restaurants, high-end shops and spas.

Inspiration behind exoskeleton 

The initial inspiration was to initiate a conversation with the silhouette, the city and the Gulf Sea. The façades of the two towers, comprising a 35-floor apartment block and a 30-floor hotel, is designed with dissimilar triangles with differing angles at the horizontal and vertical, creating a crystal-like surface that reflects the glitters of the ocean and its surroundings. The massing is designed to avoid hindering the other buildings’ vistas, while creating unique views of the ocean.

New technologies
From the miniscule details to the larger systems, new technology and materials with high-tech specs were used.
The glass cladding was realised with the highest attainable technology, with specific thermal insulation and transparency values that are optimised for the local climate of Dubai.
The lighting systems and technologies are both innovative and unique, especially reflected in the lobby ceiling details and exterior lighting systems. The towers are also the first project to utilise C90 strength class concrete.

Walking ‘The Walk’
The Crystal towers do not only create a remarkable addition to the skyline, but they carefully utilise their location on “The Walk”, right in connection with the beach, introducing a downtown lifestyle with public facilities at the lower levels to join all users, neighbours and visitors.
Visitors will revel with Gulf Sea views that reveal themselves as soon as they enter the building into the grand and exquisitely designed hall. These design decisions are aimed at contributing to the city life through the value and enhancement it brings to its environment.

About the architects

Murat Tabanlıoğlu studied architecture at Vienna Technical University and graduated in 1992. Besides his atelier program at Istanbul Bilgi University, he lectures at universities and various international platforms. Tabanlıoğlu is an international member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a member of the Master Jury for the 2013 Cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.
Melkan Gürsel – Architect and Partner, gives lectures at various national and international platforms and serves as jury member at several programs. Besides many other awards, Melkan has been selected as one of the “Europe 40 under 40” for 2008 and as “Fifty under Fifty: Innovators of the 21st Century”, in 2015.