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Tracking land shipments revolutionized thanks to Trukkin’s B2B cloud platform

Janardan Dalmia is a banker. He spent years advising on some very high-profile M&A transactions for more than a decade at Barclays and Bank of America in Dubai and New York.

Until recently, he had nothing to do with truck fleets and road shipping. Yet, that’s exactly what he and co-founder Ahmed Al Nafie ended venturing into in 2016. Meet Trukkin.

Trukkin Middle East launched its new cloud-based B2B platform that unites customers with shippers and truckers in the Middle East region to create new business opportunities and deliver streamline logistics solutions.

“The idea came on a 2016 visit to Saudi and while brainstorming out of the box with my now partner about the issues facing the land shipment industry,” Dalmia tells AMEinfo in a recent interview.

“We found out, that while many industries, from renting holiday homes to hailing cabs, have aggregated their services under a cloud platform, the truck shipping sector hadn’t,” he adds.

Cloud-based app solutions are revolutionising the provision of services and Trukkin brought a similar model to the logistics, driving and trucking industries.

Trucking right along

Team Trukkin spent 2016 conducting research with market stakeholders and incubating the business and idea.

Dalmia says the business was launched in May 2017 and it is doing very well.

“We’ve had more than 500 shipments since our launch, despite slow Ramadan months, and the business is picking up steam,” reveals Dalmia.

He says Trukkin is already garnering strong support and the company is in advanced discussions regarding investment from key captains of the industry region-wide to make the company the de- facto enabler across the GCC region.

Trukkin ME is headquartered in Dubai with offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as it connects transporters with customers through a uniquely effective technology-based solution.

“These are our two home markets and, in 2018, we will look to expand our presence with more offices, improved services and new ideas,” says Dalmia.

Analytical performance

One of those ideas is looking at monitoring truck performance through data analytics.

Data analytics now helps the company and its clients keep track of shipments, storage and any time-space factors that govern logistics along the routes from start to finish.

“We’re interested in increasing the efficiency of shipments even more, by monitoring the performance of drivers through data analytics,” says Dalmia.

Currently. customers and fleet owners can track their shipments in real time through Trukkin’s tracking system, helped by their team providing operational support throughout the transaction experience.

The way it runs

Currently, the techno-logistics platform enables logistics services on-demand for clients, who can request bids through the app or on the web portal after registering.

The Trukkin ecosystem comprises a multilingual customer app on iOS and Android, as well as a web portal.

Fleet owners and individual drivers can also take advantage of the multilingual online portal and apps.

Customers, fleet owners and independent drivers can register on the Trukkin platform after going through a verification process.

They can then request services to transport their goods/load and provide order details via the app and web platforms.

Customers choose a preferred supplier and give the go-ahead.

Drivers from the logistics firm or fleet operator then arrive to pick up the goods and start the provision of services.

Once the driver has reached the drop-off point and off-loaded the goods, proof of delivery is uploaded to the app, and the service is officially concluded.

Customers then have a variety of in-app methods to offer payment.


Building the business had a huge obstacle to overcome.

“This is a business reliant on individual truckers, transport managers and fleet owners, who are not technology-savvy,” Dalmia tells AMEinfo.

“So our main challenge was to overcome the unsophisticated way of doing business, staying close to truck operators and fleet owners, using continuous training and showing the advantages the platform offers,” he adds.

For clients, Trukkin unlocks new suppliers, on-demand services and lower transport overheads, backed by transparency. For fleet owners and individual drivers, the platform offers a powerful new channel for business development.

The right vehicle

“Trukkin answers a genuine industry need for greater transparency, choice of providers and the ability to request transport services from available fleets.  We have honed the user journey to make registration, placing orders, accepting bids and making payments very simple, leading to an excellent user experience from start to finish,” notes Dalmia.

“Acting as a middle man and charging a commission for the service makes sense for clients because the charge is still much below what they would save or make in return for a time efficient and transparent delivery of goods,” he concludes.

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