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Tunisia to play as bridge between IKCO & Africa

During a visit with Tunisian Minister of Trade and Handcrafts, IKCO CEO and President described this country’s market as a suitable place for IKCO cars.

Making this remark, Hashem Yekehzare said, “Tunisia has a special position in the north of Africa and it can play as a bridge between IKCO and North African countries.”

He further voiced that his company has exported 200 thousand sets of cars around the globe and added, “IKCO’s strategy at the moment is to focus on export and foreign market development.”

According to IKCO CEO and President, this year’s production plan of the company is 600 thousand cars, 100 thousand sets short of the next years’ target. Paying a visit to IKCO production lines, Najla Harrouche, the Tunisian Minister of Trade and Handicrafts claimed that the technology adopted in IKCO equals to that of global car makers.

“I suggest IKCO can enter Tunisian car market and from there can go for the North African countries’ markets,” she said, hoping that the related cooperation can soon begin between the two countries.

The Tunisian Minister also underlined that Tunisia has a special capability in automotive part production specially wire harness and has invested in many countries including South American countries for plant establishment and automotive part production.

“I look forward to seeing Tunisia to achieve the same industrial development as Iran did,” she emphasized, recalling the technological level of IKCO production systems.