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U.S. expert gives top tips to UAE start-up ventures

UAE entrepreneurs looking for financing options to back their ideas have the opportunity to connect with a US venture capitalist through one-day seminar this week (Saturday, 2 November) in Dubai.


As part of their commitment to the regional entrepreneurial community, i360accelerator and DP World have partnered to sponsor the seminar as part of the DP World backed Turn8 seed accelerator initiative.


Brent Traidman, a Venture Partner with firm Fenox Venture Capital located in San Jose will lead the event, which is open to anyone interested in learning more about startup financing. Topics covered include how to create, market, fundraise and establish a global presence that attracts venture capital funding. Mr. Traidman, who is also a mentor for TURN8 and i360accelerator, will provide a behind the scenes glimpse of what venture capitalists look for when considering an investment, as well as how to attract advisors to help guide a business toward financial success.


Brent Traidman said: “I look forward to sharing my Silicon Valley experiences with regional entrepreneurs. We consider investments all over the world and are thinking of expanding our relations within the area. I am excited to be involved in coaching, mentoring, and accelerating startups within the UAE.”


Yousif Al Mutawa, Chief Information Officer, DP World, said: “Our TURN8 programme is designed to encourage innovative entrepreneurship and our search for ideas uncovered some exciting new local and international proposals, ten of which are now working to bring their ideas to market. This seminar will help our ten finalists and other local entrepreneurs needing advice on how to get financial backing for their ideas to take them into commercial development.”


Kamal Hassan, founder of Innovation 360 and i360accelerator, added: “There are a lot of creative people with great ideas, but many never launch because people don’t have any experience running a business, don’t know how to form a successful team, or don’t have early funding. Through our seed funding program, we are working with regional startups on all three of these vital issues – education, team building and funding.”


The seminar entitled “Building A Successful Lean Startup”, takes place at the Turn8 headquarters, The Cribb in Al Quoz, on Saturday, 2 November between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.