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UAE search trends revealed: Most popular consumer goods include coffee, shoes

The UAE’s insatiable demand for computer electronics, coffee and health and beauty products continue to drive consumer search trends, according to latest research into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) conducted by the online digital marketing suite, SEMrush.

Online searches originating in the UAE over the last 12 months related to FMCG products highlight the most popular items as falling in both the food and the non-food categories

Health and beauty products make up a majority of the top 10 non-food related FMCG list, with UAE residents searching for hair colours, paracetamol, soap and cosmetics. However, computer electronics took the first and third spots with desktop computers and laptops attracting significant search volumes over the past 12 months. Luxury items topped the food-related FMCG list, with coffee, chocolate and ice cream taking the first three spots, followed by yoghurt and honey.

“The two lists under FMCG are valuable for marketers in the industry, providing further data that can help understand competitor or market trends,” commented Adam Zeidan, SEMrush’s Corporate Communications Manager for the MENA region. “Insights about competitors and consumers’ online shopping habits are vital when devising SEO-led marketing strategies to enhance online visibility towards the right target customer.”

E-commerce is predicted to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021, with local variances across all regions related to different product categories that generate the most online shopping in each market. A recent report by global consultancy Nielsen indicates that 11 per cent of the UAE’s consumers purchased fresh groceries online, an increase of eight per cent from the previous year. The report also highlights that e-commerce CTA’s (Calls-To-Action) such as money-back guarantees for products not matching an order, motivate the majority of UAE shoppers to buy online, while 44 per cent favouring free delivery services.

The same report revealed that 38 per cent of UAE online shoppers purchase IT related products through websites, reflecting the popularity of search terms highlighted by SEMrush research data.

A forecast by investment experts Alpen Capital said the GCC region’s e-commerce sales are expected to touch $41.5bn by 2020, with the UAE becoming the largest online retail market in the GCC with a market share of 53 per cent, followed by Saudi Arabia (14 per cent).

‘With constantly changing online algorithms coupled with constant growth forecast for the ecommerce and consumer goods sectors through 2021, the need to utilise up-to-date digital marketing tools will become vital for UAE marketers in the region to gain better quality digital market intelligence about both consumers and competitors,” added Zeidan.