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Wataniya Airways announces key appointments

Following the General Assembly of Wataniya Airways holding company, Kuwait National Airways announces industry leaders.

AbdulSalam Al-Bahar, Chairman

Holder of electrical engineering certificate from the United States and has over 20 years of experience in the finance sector where he held prominent positions within KIPCO and was a member of various boards of administration. He has also been active in the aviation sector for the past four years.

George Cooper, Chief Executive Officer

George Cooper has over 30 years experience in the airline industry having started his career as a pilot with British Airways. During 26 years with BA, George was also Managing Director for its UK Regional business, Director UK & Africa and Director Europe. Prior to joining Wataniya, George was CEO of OnAir, a Swiss-based airline services provider founded by Airbus and SITA.

Capt. Adel Al-Barjas, Chief Operating Officer

Capt. Adel Al-Barjas has over 30 years airline industry experience including over 20 years at Kuwait Airlines Corporation where he was a senior pilot, training captain and Operations Director. He was a Board Director of ALAFCO for three years and was Vice President of Operations at Jazeera Airways prior to joining Wataniya Airways,

Robert Menzies, Chief Financial Officer

Robert Menzies has joined Wataniya from Kuwait Airways Corporation where he had the role of Deputy Finance Director. He has over 12 years experience in aviation in markets including Australia and Tonga and has also worked extensively in South East Asia before moving to the Gulf in 2004.

Other senior appointments will be announced soon.